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LeShawn Lewis Aka Poppy Blasted, One Of The Richest YouTube Stars Born In The United States

LeShawn Lewis has collected more than 250,000 subscribers. Publishes 360 wave hairdressing tutorials like 360Jeezy. He made his debut on YouTube in March 2014 with a video called “360 waves Quick update 7 weeks wolfing!”

You are one of the most successful YouTube Stars. He was born on November 6, 1986. He is one of the richest YouTube stars born in the United States. He also ranks among the most popular YouTube Star list. LeShawn Lewis is one of the most famous people aged 32-year-old.

Lewis revealed that 2015 was the first time he took his trip on stage because he had realized he could make money by doing “what he likes”. Creating tutorials and content for 360 Wave and Hair Culture that have been able to print many worldwide!

YouTube is a platform that puts people in front of millions of viewers and eyes every day and Poppy Blasted said this is the real reason why he used to open up to his fans more.

While many are satisfied with the high level of success he has had, Poppy Blasted is not. He mentioned that he is soon planning to create another YouTube channel (The Goat Drip Family) that will showcase his daily life and understand his family.

On the business side, the plans are still the same; creating the best hair products and pushing the rule. Poppy Blasted goes a long way in improving the hair community by providing high quality products from hair brushes (which he labels as one of his “biggest investments”) in oils, butter and more!

To keep up with Poppy Blasted and PB The Goat Merch, head to:

Business page: https://instagram.com/pb_the_goat_merch

Personal page: https://instagram.com/pb_the_goat

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/PoppyBlasted

Website: www.pbthegoatmerch.com










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