DJ Mahyar M2 : Are you aware of the effects of music on body, soul and mind?

ecently announced in a report:

DJ Mahyar M2 , Good soothing music for the soul, mind and body is called. When a person listens to a favorite music or song, a series of physiological changes are revealed in his body, the feeling of relaxation and refreshment, the normalization of blood pressure and the reduction of electrical discharge of the skin of the body, these are among the changes that are due to free Cortisol, oxytocin, testosterone, as well as endorphins were released.

The effect of music on the human mind

Music can create positive thinking in the human mind and therefore can be effective in treating anxiety, preventing the destructive effects of stress on the body and increasing the power of creativity and optimism.

DJ Mahyar M2 added: “Music has a positive effect in treating blood pressure, brain injuries, epilepsy and migraines and can reduce pain.” Music therapy is one of the branches of alternative medicine that tries to cure human diseases by using music.

Biography of DJ Mahyar

Mahyar Moradi nicknamed DJ Mahyar M Too is one of the famous Iranian musicians and singers whose music has received a lot of attention in recent years. Before entering the world of singing, Mahyar was one of the DJs. He was famous in Iran and we had seen many performances of him in Russia. He was born in 1988 and became very famous in 2014 with music such as “Goodbye”, “It’s over”, “Another One”. He has a lot of fans and he has more than 1 million followers on his Instagram page, he was asked about music and he replied, music is beyond what is in the mind, music and music can create a new resonance in you .







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