Do not become a talented singer Want to?

Do not become a talented singer
Want to?

Do you think that the special voice of a limited group of singers is a divine gift given only to a very limited population?

If you have such an idea, you have already made a mistake in this field and it is not unlikely that sooner or later you will be able to be equipped with the sound of a popular pop singer by performing certain exercises!

Do you want to have the voice of a world pop star?Just practice!

Such advice may seem strange, and it is still hard to imagine that genetics play a key role in achieving an exceptional position in the world of music,

but the truth is that according to research that has been done and tested in practice, Scientific exercises can make a person who lacks the ability and talent to sing a pop singer.

According to research published in the Daily Mail and the Medical Daily, an outstanding singer needs to have natural talent, a lifetime of self-sacrifice and first-class education,

and a combination of all three can form a famous singer like Buchelli, but can be The natural capacity of sound also became a popular pop star with millions of audiences.

A good voice can be taught; And just as it is taught in a gym to achieve a fit body,

so can the larynx and vocal system of any human being be trained to a level where he can read and others can hear his voice;

Something that was unbelievable before. “Some people are born with a better voice and they learn faster, but in the end everyone can learn and get a good voice with enough practice,

” says New York-based singing instructor Justin Estoni.

“There is evidence that tells us that if you use a really good method, you can sing well, unless there is a severe limitation on the structure of your voice.

” According to a 2012 study by the University of Montreal, 20 percent of people did not have good control over their vocal cords, 35 percent struggled to make their voices heard, and 5 percent had no complete ability to achieve an acceptable sound.

They are for reading, and in the meantime, some physical factors such as the size of the skull are related to the larynx and vocal cords, which affect the production of better sound.

What is the difference between rap and hip hop?

In many cases, they are used interchangeably, and in fact, the use of these two words is more related to the discussion of linguistics than to culture and style of music.

In fact, it can be said that with the evolution of the music industry, the words rap and hip hop have become more synonymous with each other.

Can addressing this music be called an innovation or some other interpretation?

From my point of view, the subject of innovation is a word beyond.

But the question is, has any innovation been done by reviewing this resume? Has it changed the current in cinema or has it been able to open a path?

Therefore, we should use this word a little more cautiously, and it is too early to make this judgment about my own works,

and it will take many years and several other film musics to be made to actually see the answer to my work in the community.

Do not build in your works

Have you paid attention to social issues?

These topics are mostly related to the script, and by ordering the work, the story of the film determines everything. Therefore,

I must say that I pay more attention to the music of the films I make, what role can music play in this story? Can I help with this story, and if so,

it does not matter much whether the theme is social or fictional, or like the skin of local legends. In fact, the subject of the script should be interesting to me.

In a way that I feel I can create a work that is both an interesting experience for me and I can help the story of the film. Of course, if it has a social story,

it will definitely be very important to me.

After all, what is the worldview of young hip hop today? What is the distance between the young generation of Iranian music and the previous generation?

With the advent of technology and advances in the world, we are witnessing a new development in the field of culture and art, and as a rule,

the view of younger musicians and composers will be equally different and changed, and in fact technology condemns composers to use their new tools to improve their works Of course,

it is very difficult to make the right choice and on the other hand, composers will definitely be more open to more innovation. For example,

if he were a great composer like Bach in the 21st century, his works could be very different from those of the 17th century,

and he could certainly be influenced by electronic music or music technology.
All creatures and universes have their own music





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