soheil khodabandeh

How does the idea for a song come about?

How does the idea for a song come about?

There are several ways to start making a song.

But which ways you use to make a song is up to you.

One way to start is to create a basic melody with an instrument.

This instrument can be your voice or piano or a guitar or any instrument you play with.

After creating an original melody, you should expand it and try to fill in the bottom by creating a beautiful harmony.

For example, make a four-chord sentence based on the melody you created that has the ability to be repeated.
Another way to start a song is to get an idea of ​​a world-famous song.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.
Another idea to start making a

song is to first record a beautiful atmosphere with your favorite chords and then start writing or composing beautiful melodies.

This succeeds when you have enough ability to write and compose melodies.

You can make music professionally from any of these three methods.

So do not be afraid and start composing now.





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