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Tarah Who? Takes Music To A Next New Level With Their Latest Release, ‘Asian Blood’

LA-based power duo Tarah Who? is stoking the fires even more with ‘Asian Blood,’ their latest track, which was influenced by the early 1990s feminist punk movement known as Riot grrrl. The ladies of Tarah Who? have also released a music video, which is now available on YouTube for streaming. Written by Tarah Carpenter and produced by Jason Orme (Alanis Morissette) and Carpenter herself, “Asian Blood” depicts every woman’s plight for most of her life. Growing older and recognizing how unjust the entertainment industry (music or film) is to female artists, as well as how it places pressure on women to appear younger in order to remain in the profession. If you’re struggling in life and seeking some inspiration to be more optimistic, then this is the song for you.

‘Tarah Who?’ is masterminded by grunge-punk sage Tarah G Carpenter. Together with Coralie Hervé, she strives to show a different perspective on peculiarities, such as exposing sensitive topics and the challenges faced by women artists in the industry. Tarah Who? ’s music is a mix of punk, 90s grunge, and garage rock, as seen by the fact that these genres influence all of their works. All of their songs have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from music critics. “Tarah Who?” is the greatest bet if you’re looking for something new. You’ll crave for more when you hear their heartfelt and, of course, laudable lyrics.

‘Asian Blood’ is now available for streaming on Spotify and other major platforms, including Apple Music. For more information about Tarah Who?’s upcoming projects, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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