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Twenty Important Tips About Mastering,Jamos Parsa

Twenty Important Tips About Mastering

Gaining work experience is very hard and time consuming, but Jamos Parsa has made the work easy for those who are interested.

Prominent Iranian musician, arranger and musician who has a lot of experience in all aspects of music, this time wants to say 20 main and important points about mastering.

Jamos is the first top musician to share his experiences with great enthusiasm.

Audio mastering is a post-production stage in the music industry.

The process of preparing and transmitting recorded audio from a source, including the final mix, to a storage device, creating a primary source from which to copy and reproduce.

The use of digital masters is more common today, but some sound engineers still use analog masters in the manufacturing industry.

Mastering has always been and will always be an important step in the production of a work, and due to the high level of precision required for it,

it has turned it into a magical and somewhat scary operation!

  1. Make a gap between mixing and mastering ۲. Always compare your music with references
  2. Pay attention to how your music is played on different devices
  3. Try; Quiz and quiz again!
  4. Do not make things difficult for yourself!
  5. If you need a mix project, come back to fix any problems
  6. Be aware of the compressor
  7. Sometimes little work but principles work best
  8. Be steadfast!
  9. Be smart ۱۱. Master in other places as well ۱۲. Use multi-band compressors
  10. Do not forget to fade at the beginning and end of the piece ۱۴. Wide music ۱۵. Use exciters ۱۶. Be friends with equalizers! ۱۷. You can paste sounds together
  11. Should we use Dieter or not ?!
  12. Examine all the options before you
  13. Trust your decisions





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