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1- Consult your doctor to use any kind of medicine before and after the injection of filler under the eyes so that you do not suffer from unwanted side effects.


2 – Be very careful in choosing your doctor and clinic because the skill of the doctor and doing safety and health tips during the operation is very important and vital.


3 – Smoke reduces the process of treatment after surgery. Avoid smoking after a few days before surgery.


4 – For two days after injecting filler under the eyes to avoid strenuous activity and exercise.


5 – Drink plenty of water and fluids for a few days before the operation.


6 – Consult your doctor when choosing a filler. Remember that the right filler can give a lot of beauty to your face, but the same or even more poor quality filler can hurt you.




Price and cost of injecting filler under the eyes:




The cost of under-eye filler injection varies depending on various factors such as the type of material and brand of filler used, the doctor and the clinic. For information on the exact price, it is better to contact your desired clinic.







Eye surgery or filler injection:





Dr. Mozhgan Dahmardnezhad says that the surgery is performed under anesthesia, while the filler injection only requires anesthesia. On the other hand, surgery has many risks and dangers, bleeding and a long recovery period, if the filler injection is done simply and in less than an hour. Also, the cost of surgery is much higher than injecting filler under the eyes, but the most important point in comparing the two is the result. The result is permanent surgery while the filler injection is temporary and after a few months the effect wears off so you usually have to renew it twice a year.


Each person and applicant must choose which method to use according to their personal circumstances and desires, as well as the level of risk.






What are dermal fillers or skin fillers?




Collagen and other anti-wrinkle injections make the skin look softer and younger and are injected into the facial organs for strengthening and beauty. Although collagen is the best anti-wrinkle treatment, there are many other substances that doctors can use to make your skin fat, including your own body fat and synthetics.

Every year, more than one million men and women use this treatment to rejuvenate their face. Because gel and filler injections are an affordable way to look younger without any surgery or scars.


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