Anna sheikhlo

Popular and successful singer Anna sheikhlo, Iranian Singer explained about different types of voices in singing

 Men’s voices

– Tenor
 The tenor is the lowest type of male sound, the amplitude of which is based on the Sol key, ozone Do below the first line to Do above the fifth line, with the difference that its sound is one octave lower (than soprano).

This type of sound in song  Men are extremely important in Iranian music and it can be said that most Iranian singers have this kind of sound.

 – baritone
 The average male voice is said to range from the La note below the first line of the carrier to the La above the fifth line of the carrier, with a lower octave (than Metsu soprano).

– Bass
 The most dull type of male voice is said to be from the Fa note below the first line of the carrier to the Fa on the fifth line of the carrier, and its sound is one octave lower (than the alto).  Types of voices in women

– Soprano
 Soprano is a very low-pitched sound and is actually the opposite of bass sounds.

Its range is from do under the first carrier underline to do above the five carrier lines.

There are different types of sopranos, the main difference being the lower volume;

The types of sounds that fall into the category of soprano sounds are:

Coloratura soprano This type of soprano contains the thinnest and lowest type of sounds of this type of sound, which is also extremely weak and light.

Ledger is located after the soprano chlorinator.

Lyric sopano is the most common type of sound in this group and includes sound that has two characteristics of clarity and warmth.

Dramatic soprano
 This type of sound is catchy and powerful at the same time.

Compared to different types of sopranos, it has less subtleties, but this is not always the case and it is usually like this.

In opera performances, those who are considered to play roles with tragic,

sad and epic feelings are usually chosen from people with such a gender.

– Mezzo-soprano
 This type of sound, also known as mezzo-soprano sound, is slightly lower than the soprano sound and includes a moderate sound related to a specific female voice.

Its range is from La below the first carrier line to La above the fifth carrier line.

– Alto or contralto (contr alto)

Alto is called the lowest type of sound available to women, in fact it is the lowest type of female voice, and Iranian women usually have this type of sound.

Contralto is also a type of sound that is bass and belongs to women.  Its width is from the note Fa below the first line of the carrier to Fa on the fifth line of the carrier.





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