Rebecca Ghaderi – Setting the music industry on fire with her melodious tunes.

Music has the power to rule hearts and is potent enough to create an impact which is incomparable. We can say that it is one of the most powerful tools which can touch and create a deep impact on many lives through its rhythms and melodies. The world today has realized how music has the magical power to enhance one’s mood and transition minds into a much calmer and content zone. Many turn to music to break free from the shackles of life, and it has not disowned anyone who takes refuge under it. Those connected with this sphere too have a big hand in creating wonders through their craft, which is truly admirable. Some of these have created a distinct niche for themselves by doing some exceedingly amazing work which has taken their positions to extreme levels of success. Out of the many who have hit the bulls eye is one name which stands out from the crowd, it is Rebecca Ghaderi.

The name is synonymous to excellent music, and the kind of following this artist has garnered within a short span of time is enough proof of it. Her unique singing qualities and versatility stands out from the rest, and that’s quite impressive by all standards. Talking about her singing career, Shibuya says that music has been in her mind ever since she remembers and her passion got her more involved with the craft with time, ultimately resulting in her graduating into a fine singer going ahead in life. Today, after going through the right training, she has mastered the art of singing well, and that definitely shows with the kind of appreciation she has been garnering of late for her work. Some of her songs like Rabb Vi, Mann, Tere Hum, Ajnabee, Chale and Mohabbat have a decent number of plays on major music streaming platforms and this has boosted her confidence to create much better music in the coming year.



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