Reza Moosavi – What Is Your Ultimate Goal In Music?

What is your ultimate goal in music?

Getting to a point in music where my audience trusts me so much and believes what I believe in, in turn, is small. I mean, I can create more culture.

Do you read a lot of books? Not as much as I like, but I read every night. Sometimes two pages, sometimes more and more.

Usually, artists who emigrate abroad no longer have much to do with the country’s music community. Why did you choose this path?

In other words, what exactly is the best thing they can do ?;

Start teaching at a reputable university?

We thought to ourselves that we could study and teach outside of Iran, participate in various festivals and festivals in the name of Iran, and receive awards for our country,and

Finally, what are some of the opportunities that working with world-class musicians has given us?

I read mostly books on sociology, Islamology, contemporary history, and poetry and philosophy.

I am very interested in reading these books. What are you interested in other than music? I also like exercise.

In general, I like things that have to do with health and I am very interested in living.

That’s why I do not sleep much, I like to use most of my life. After music, I also like cinema very much.

I forgot to say that I am also very interested in playing chess, I would like someone to sit for a few hours and play chess with me.

Why do artists stay up all night and sleep during the day?

Because it is better to compose and sing in silence.

There is no phone ringing and no one is calling you. Art has accustomed us to night life. Are you a footballer? Is it possible that he did not like football?

Football is as popular as pop music. Before I became a singer, I was a goalkeeper and I loved the Brazilian national team.

As a child, I was a fan of the Shahin Ahvaz team. But I was never independent or Persepolis. A bad trait of yours?

I’m going fast somewhere. And a good trait of yours? I am not a vindictive person





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