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In 2019, Cassanova was brought to Hollywood by way of New Jersey. Because he wasn’t allowed in the building, AlBee Al took Cass to Pompeii. Here is where they met. Pompeii was a big fan of Casanova already, and he was excited to meet him. Pompeii brought them together, and they shared information.

Hollywood Pompeii and OTH worked together for the first time on the show “Casanova and Friends,” where musicians like Gillie Da Kid, Jin Gates, OT The Real, and Fred Da Godson performed. Because of how popular the show was, Pompeii and Casanova became very close. Hollywood quickly set up a ten-city tour for Casanova, which led him to recruit Pompeii as a road manager and A&R for his brand, 2X Entertainment.

GBM Baby G was found by Hollywood, and 2X Records signed him. Because of this, Pompeii became more prevalent and was able to help many artists get record deals. He got the attention of other popular people and started to do big deals with talented artists and companies.

Casanova saw how talented he was and made him a full-time member of his staff. Pompeii was in charge of making deals with media companies, TV shows, and musicians. A number of agreements also included Pompeii.

Then, Pompeii proceeded to make music videos for BabyG, who had just signed a record deal with 2X. But during one of the film sets, shots were fired, killing one person and hurting four others.

Casanova soon discovered that he was wanted by the Feds, so someone called Pompeii with information about the situation. Before he turned himself in, Pompeii kept appointing Casanova for small jobs and features. Since then, Pompeii has kept in touch with Casanova and aided him during his lowest point. He has also stayed loyal to the man who gave him a chance. Pompeii is now making a documentary called “What Happened to Casanova” that tells a good story about Casanova and the people he helped. Follow Pompeii on Twitter to find out about his upcoming work.





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