Kavian Lazar

Complete biography of successful and famous Iranian musician, Kavian Lazar

Kavian Lazar, a prominent and young Iranian singer, was born on 17/07/2000 in Sardasht, West Azerbaijan. He started his professional career at the age of 15, during which time he has released several pieces of music.

Kavian Lazar is one of the most popular musicians in the world and currently has more than several thousand followers on Instagram.

Also, one of the reasons for Kavian Lazar’s popularity is his professionalism.

He works in the field of rap and has performed most rap styles so far. has done.

At the age of 21 and in 2022, I started playing songs and beats on official platforms.

Noor Bitcoin Amazing Resurrection, Chaghal, and Supreme are the most popular songs among the fans.

I have acted and acted in several films, and I have collaborated and worked in the field of composing movies, and it is also registered on the IMDB site.

Kavian Lazar currently lives in West Azerbaijan. Apart from singing, he also arranges, mixes and masters professionally.

And he arranges all his own music.

The song “Noor” was the first thing I played and it was the beginning of my career in music, the songs are mostly motivational, drama and non-verbal in the Hip-Hop / Rap genre.

I have an album called Harmony – Harmony which contains 13 tracks and it refers to being able to make your mental imagination come true and achieve the dreams that people have, the names of the songs on this album are also step by step to achieve these successes.

The following names:

Target, Route, Balance, Tiki Taka, Business, Invincible, Chance, Irregular, Effort, Yeah, Gene, Mute and Alliance

I spend most of my time in life and even my daily time composing and singing and I try to make and play songs that suit the tastes of the day and so far I have 27 songs played from official global platforms which include 1 album (13 Leave) and 14 singles leave.

Kavian Lazar says that he has loved music since he was a child and we feel relaxed by listening to it.

This feeling brought me closer to my goal.

I do most of the music myself, even the song cover.

Kavian Lazar released his first music in 2022.

Kavian Lazar began his music education in middle school and continued his education in music in high school.
He completed his undergraduate studies in music at the University of Applied Sciences.
Kavian Lazar says I love my family and I love traveling and nature.
I practice most of my music while traveling and I enjoy nature a lot.

Kavian Lazar says I do not like the margins at all and I do not want to fall on the tongues for no reason.

I am satisfied with my life now and I continue to live my life with enthusiasm.

Kavian Lazar fans and audiences can follow him through his Instagram ID and be informed about the release of his music.





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