Sinan ezam

Sinan ezam said the following about the history of the pop:

This music was a complete imitation of Western music and only their poems were translated into Persian.

The introduction of pop music to the radio owes much to the Armenian-Iranian musician Soren.

Iran’s first studio was called Tanin, which was very influential and successful.

Most of the music was recorded in the studio during those years.

The work that came out of this studio was fresh and innovative and was mostly known as the music of the fifties.

The fifties were a successful decade for music, but pop music did not reach its peak.

The government was very strict about literature, especially poetry, and as a result, artists cleverly presented social and cultural realities in pop songs.

It is noteworthy that radio and television played a very important role in the development and presentation of pop music in the fifties, and as a result, this music became very popular, especially the radio and television pop orchestra played a vital role in this regard.

In addition, powerful and popular groups such as Apollo and Beethoven started with astonishing success.

It is worth noting that the recording of music in those days was quite time consuming, accurate and artistic, and it was these precisions and efforts that contributed to the permanence and popularity of many musical works of the fifties and improved the quality of the works.

Most of the valuable songs and songs in the field of pop music belong to this period.

The popularity of pop music led to the formation of many bands in the 1940s and 1950s.

These bands often hired a famous singer or made a singer famous.





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