Abolfazl Arab

How to publish my music?The most famous Iranian musician and arranger published on most of the world music platforms, Abolfazl Arab

Most people are familiar with this name, rapper and musician who is keen on people and fans, and with great enthusiasm for each of his fans.

Now Jamus wants to inform those musicians who are not familiar with the release of music

There are very few musicians that have been released on all the music platforms of their music, Abul Fazl Arabs with disagreement with those musicians.

Notice the important points of Abolfazl Arab Parsa.

The first thing to do to publish your music is to know the updated ways of publishing it so that you can get the best results in the shortest time

Where can I upload my music?

There are a variety of applications and platforms that each have unique features and access, and you can get help depending on your taste.

SoundCloud and Bandcamp are the most popular music websites, and whether you are a musician, or producer, you can easily upload your music to these websites and reach out to the audience.

Free SoundCloud subscription has limitations such as upload restrictions up to 120 minutes.

To fix this problem, you can buy a one -month Premium Account for $ 12 and also use features such as checking the number of downloads and analyzing users’ reactions.

Bandcamp, however, does not upload time limit (of course only a specific type of file can be uploaded), which will make it easier for you.

On this website, you can also access advanced analysis and other features by purchasing a Premium subscription.

There is another type of account called Pre-Order, and it works that you can sell it before publishing your album and actually get pre-order, and then on the specific date you set for release, the album To make the audience they bought.

Usually, musicians and straps prefer Bandcamp if they want to give out multiple music or have a Merch Store.

On the other hand, the choice of those who want to release a single song and Single Track is SoundCloud. SoundCloud is very popular in styles like HIP-HOP and rap and even electronics.

To choose, you need to see what you need and which one responds better to your needs.

Is uploading music in free spatfa?

Unlike Sondklaud and Camp Comment, uploading music in Spatifa will spend a little. Of course, in most cases this amount is insignificant, and this cost is not a reason for removing Spatifa from your list. Especially keep in mind that whenever there is talk of online music and streaming, Spatifa is at the top of the table!

There are sites like Routenote that offer free music upload services to Spatifa or other streaming sites, but be sure to keep in mind that these services are available for part of the score or amount as an annual subscription. They get free! We will talk more about these websites below.

Neither SoundCloud nor Bandcamp is capable of distributing music to sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and other streaming sites.

However, the SondCloud is a little ahead of the camp and sends music to the stream sites by providing a service called Repost By SoundCloud for $ 2.5 a month.

On the other hand, the Camp Camp has its own unique capabilities.

For example, it is highly artistic than any other streaming site and is more complete in terms of information on artists and albums.

If you are looking for a website that play your music on streaming sites, you have several options that naturally have their own weaknesses and power.

Sites like Distrokid, CD Baby, Tunecore, Routenote each have unique features, costs and features that one cannot say is better and you should choose one depending on your needs.

For example, many musicians prefer the same repost by SoundCloud service because it costs a low cost and your music will eventually be released with the name and reputation of SoundCloud; While few may know Routenote and other sites.

Let’s review the general features of each of these 4 sites:

CD Baby: $ 9.95 per song and $ 29 per album and 9% of the cost.
Distrokid: It receives $ 19.99 annually (and without upload restriction) and all sales revenue will be given to you.

Tunecore: For each album, $ 29.99 for the first year and $ 49.99 for each year and $ 9.99 per song. Instead, all sales revenue is paid to yourself.





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