Explanation of Santour’s Make of Mehdi Moslehi:

Santour is one of the traditional and traditional Iranian instruments that exists in other countries by other names and is one of the most popular instruments because of its heartfelt sound. he does .

That has a very pleasant voice that fascinates everyone. Mehdi Moslehi

One of the Zahi-traumatic instruments is Santoor, which has a completely regular and geometric shape.

The instrument is made of a trapezoidal sound box with the highest parallel side close to the musician and the two sides of the equal length, cutting the two parallel sides in a diagonal form.

The tallest side in ordinary synthetic 9 cm and the smallest side (away from the musician) is 35 cm and 38 cm diagonal sides.

The box is 8 to 10 cm high and all its surfaces are made of walnut wood. There are two mud -shaped holes on the surface of the santor, which plays a huge role in the aesthetic, in the softness, softness and transparency of the santor sound.

Santour is one of the most widespread Iranian instruments whose sound range is more than 4 octaves. It has a transparent and crystalline audio santor and is the capability of solo and synergy.





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