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Majid Moradi is known as one of the professional directors, writers and actors of Iran, who is working for the greater success of the Iranian and world cinema industry.

Biography of Majid Moradi as an Iranian writer and director

Majid Moradi was born on September 16, 1978 in Iran and at first started his artistic activities with painting, sculpture and music.

He entered the world of acting through photography and is currently known as one of the most prominent figures in the field of film directing in Iran and Canada and has been able to work in important and successful films with great effort.

Professional film market in Iran according to Majid Moradi

He believes that currently there is no professional work space in Iran where artists can fully present all their capabilities in this space. Of course, the lack of income stability in acting and directing is another problem in this market and field.

Most of the active people in this field, especially him, are present only because of great love and interest in the field of artistic activities. Lack of good income in this area makes it very difficult for them to live.

Productions of Majid Moradi

After entering the field of acting and directing, he had a lot of professional activity and has been able to work in a principled way by continuing his education in the field of cinema.

In the first project, he entered the cinema field as a photographer and actor by acting in the Final Decision series while studying. In 1982, he directed the first documentary series of Gonbad Soltanieh.

He has made many productions in different fields, and the most important films made by him can be classified as Tolou Dar Shab, Frouzen Shadows, and Hidden Hit.

Currently, Majid Moradi is considered one of the most successful directors in Iran and Canada, who has been able to solve the problems in this industry by doing some special artistic projects. He has made a great impact in increasing the quality of new films by presenting different and rich projects.

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