Reza Moosavi

The definition of hidden peace in music by Reza Moosavi, a famous Iranian musician and singer

How many times a day do you listen to your favorite music? Have you ever listened to music or played an instrument to escape the stresses of work or the pressures of everyday life? Or, for various reasons, such as lack of time or commuting to class, you have lost the chance to enjoy its benefits.

If your answer is yes, you are definitely aware that music and playing a musical instrument are among the arts that provide peace of mind and have a positive effect on the brain and strengthen memory.

Learning to play an instrument will greatly help your mood. It does not matter at all how advanced you are in this work and skill.

It will be valuable as soon as you can express some of your feelings through your instrument and reduce some of your daily worries.

Reza Moosavi was born on April 1, 1992 in Qazvin, Iran.

He loved singing and music since he was a child, and this led Reza Moosavi to learn to play the piano at the age of five. He had a child and according to his family members, Reza Moosavi had a very loud and beautiful voice.

Reza Moosavi is a musician and guitarist, pianist, violinist, and holder of a prestigious degree in sound engineering from the Ukrainian University of Arts.

It is not known what field he studied in his youth, but from his childhood It can be understood that Reza Moosavi has undoubtedly become one of the music stars of Iran and even the Middle East.

Reza Moosavi currently has more than 20 world concerts and 70 domestic performances in his repertoire.

His most famous music and work was the music of “Ghorbat”, which was able to record the best melodic performance in his repertoire by using a combination of traditional and modern art.

Reza Moosavi has had many cuckoo works so far, his albums “Ineffective” and “I Love” became one of the best albums in the history of Iran in 2012 and 2013.

Also Reza Moosavi won the award for the best final credits of the commando series in Iran

Winner of Crystal Simorgh Best Complementary Voice

Record of having a prodigy of Iranian music at the age of 5

Musician of combined and percussion instruments

Inventor of a combination of traditional and modern style

Expert in hip hop and rap songwriting

Also, if you are a fan of Reza Moosavi, you can follow him on Instagram with the ID hajimohamadiinsta

Follow his real page and be informed about his new and magnificent works





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