Mehrab Naabi

The principles of making singles and music albums

Famous and popular Iranian singer and arranger Mehrab Naabi explains the principles of making singles and music albums for those interested.
According to Sepehr:

The first principle: the taste of the reader
The reality is that in the world of professional music, singers sing pieces based on the type of arrangement and timing, and some may not suit their taste.

But these conditions are different for a singer to start work or even after singing several pieces, and a music producer who has worked hard to create and produce albums and individual music should follow this principle. Because it encourages the reader to try better and more.

Singers who are just starting to focus on the song and melody of the piece, so this section should be at a more important level. At Purpervin Academy, in meeting with the reader, we try to reach the reader’s taste with simple techniques.

The second principle: the reader’s ability
Basically, we said that the reader’s taste should be respected. In the second principle, we face another challenge in making a single song and album, which is the singer’s ability. A singer’s ability is measured in areas such as singing style (pop, traditional, classical, etc.), writing, emotions, singer’s tone, volume, pitch, etc. The main problem that a producer faces in making a single song and producing a music album is the combination of the first and second principles, that is, taking into account the singer’s taste and the singer’s ability together. Why?

Because most of the time readers don’t know their limits and blindly want to read something according to their taste. We must note that when we succeed in producing albums and singles, if a singer wants to go in the wrong direction, we have to convince him and leave the wrong way that he wants. Readers should also be confident in knowing the factors that produce their work so that the work produced is of the required standard.

Principle 3: Society’s taste

If our goal is to make a single and bring it to the audience, then we should also pay attention to their taste. To understand the taste of the society, we must study it, we must listen and analyze all kinds of music. Even music that is not very compatible with our taste.

Basically, newbies to singing will be interested in singing in addition to performing those pieces fairly well. That is, their sociology is limited in the field of reading. In many cases this is limited to past work.

If we do not consider the taste and tastes of the society in the production and making of single songs and music albums of singers, those tracks or songs will definitely fail. In addition to these three principles, there are other points in the production of singles and music albums, but these three principles are among the most important ones to consider. Finally, by observing these three principles, it is possible to produce good music that meets the necessary standards.

Of course, this is not the whole story!

The process of producing music singles and albums should be based on an algorithm that takes into account the path of fame and branding.





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