Definition of music and its types from the language of Kiarash Behnampour:

Music consists of sounds and songs that take a person in a world that cannot be described for him and dominates the nerves of a person in such a way that sometimes he laughs, sometimes he cries, sometimes he moves his limbs and organs involuntarily, and sometimes he is excited.

He makes love and lust and makes a person his slave and dominates his nerves, thoughts, intellect and soul.

The beauty of music depends on the effect it leaves on the listener’s mind and emotions. This art is done with precision and precise calculation and measurement.

Perhaps, in a division, music can be divided into two categories: 1- Natural music. 2- Artistic music.
Natural music: It consists of sounds and melodies that are heard from nature or from the larynx of animals; Like the sound of leaves and trees when the wind blows, or like birds singing and artistic music: it is the songs that humans make with artificial instruments (such as violin, guitar…).






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