Interview with Musical artist and Producer Solyman Jami

I recently chatted with Musical artist and producer, Solyman Jami, he is an incredibly talented man who loves all things spooky, producing, making music, creating. learn about his career, how he got involved with Music industry, and more!

The interviewer – Thanks for talking with me Solyman! How is 2022 treating you so far?
Solyman Jami – It has been so much fun! I’ve set many goals in music industry and my personal life, I’ve met so many incredible people and have had amazing opportunities, I’m so grateful.

The interviewer – Can you tell us more about you? how old are you? and where do you live?
Solyman Jami – I’m 18 years old, born on November 14, 2003, in London, United Kingodm, I found my love in music from when I was just a kid. and now doing a lot of creative thing on Instagram, Twitter and music industry.

The interviewer – I see that you originally started producing music and publish them on Soundcloud but then a friend inspired you to join to a popular music distributor. How long have you been on soundcloud?
Solyman Jami – Well, that was for when I was just enjoying with my music and I had only a few fans, in this year, when I see many people following me and texting me that they’re enjoying with my music career, I found that I have to publish my music everywhere, that’s why now you see my music everywhere, not only on few platforms!

The interviewer – That’s great to hear. Out of all the things you do and create, do you have a favorite among them?
Solyman Jami – after music, I love going to haunted places and seeing what spirits I can connect with. I typically go with good friends of mine so it is always a fun adventure no matter where we go. I just love adventure.

The interviewer – Thanks for chatting with me and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do!





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