Mohammedal Zaidan : The best and most effective social networks in business

If you are looking to develop your business on social networks and you want to create a page or profile for your business on social networks and promote your company or work, you must know some tips about social networks in order to be successful. Align yourself and reach your goal quickly.

Today, social networks have become an inseparable part of people’s lives and many people in the society use them, for this reason, being active in social networks is a very easy, effective and unnecessary way to promote and promote your company or business. It is capital and cost.

Facebook is one of the most populated and best social networks in the world, and for this reason, activity and progress in it will have a positive impact on your business. Facebook can be easily installed and run on any device with different operating systems and you can communicate with other users.

But Facebook has flaws such as privacy, the long time it takes to form marketing campaigns, and day by day it is moving towards advertising. If you are looking to develop and promote your business on social networks, especially Facebook, you must follow the following points for faster progress.

Like at least 5 posts of the people you follow every day
Communicate with 2 people in your network daily
Publish 2 posts daily about your business or company
Apply the call-to-action option in your posts
Take hashtags seriously and use them in your posts
Twitter is one of the social networks that has many users in the world. The ability to install and run easily, direct reference to the purpose of the article, easy use of hashtags and searching for people using hashtags can be mentioned as the advantages of Twitter.

However, Twitter is not suitable for displaying visual content, and in this regard, it has a lower rank among other social networks, but if you decide to use Twitter, you will reach your goals faster by following the tips below.

Have 3 tweets per day related to your business and social issues.
Be sure to use hashtags in your tweets to be present in trends.
Retweet at least 2 tweets per day.
Follow new people every day (at least 10 people daily)
Comment on existing tweets (at least 3 existing tweets)
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LinkedIn is one of the social networks in the world, which was created for the purpose of sharing knowledge and work and business experiences and allows its users to communicate with other users and create an organizational communication network.

LinkedIn performs poorly in relation to promotional content and LinkedIn users consider promotional content irrelevant and inappropriate. But if you intend to use social networks to develop and promote your business, LinkedIn is one of the best options for this.

Connect with 3 to 5 new users every week.
Follow corporate and business profiles (at least 3 companies per week)
1-2 times per week, ask people in your network to recommend you
Republish all your blog posts in the newsfeed section
When posting about your business, be sure to apply the repost option in the relevant post
Instagram is one of the new social networks in the world that has a very high growth rate and new users are added to it every day. In Iran, Instagram is very popular and a large number of Iranians are members.

Instagram is one of the best social networks in the world for uploading content such as photos and videos; But one of its most important flaws is the non-implementation of links in the caption, as well as the limited integration capability. If you intend to use Instagram to develop and promote your business, use the following tips for your faster growth and development





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