Music is the Universal Language – Hamed Shirbeygi

Music transcends boundaries. And who would know this better than Hamed Shirbeygi whose passion and love for music literally transcended from one country to another.

We all get to hear sayings like “Where words fail, music speaks”, and “music is a universal language”. But seldom do we grasp the true meaning of it. Sometimes, the inspirational life stories of some personalities help us comprehend what music actually is and what it’s really about. And only then do we fully get the true meaning of such phrases.

Music and Hamed Shirbeygi

Music is something that helps us communicate across different cultural and societal boundaries. A calming and soothing melody can incite peaceful feelings. A romantic song can create love in the air and a scary tune can arouse fear and horror. Music is magical. It does the trick without even being dependent on words, or lyrics, in this case.

Hamed Shirbeygi is one of the many people who used the power of music to create love, harmony, and peace, while remaining true to his cultural values. Hamed, today, is an accomplished singer, a pianist, and a passionate songwriter. He enjoys doing what he does because it’s something that he always dreamt of. Born and brought up in Tehran, Hamed’s life was not a bed of roses. He encountered several challenges during his childhood, and that made him more determined to live the life that HE dreamt of.

So in pursuit of happiness, and with hopes to achieve his dream of being a musician, he shifted to Australia as a refugee. And from there began his journey to success.

Journey to Australia

It’s said, where there is a will, there’s a way. This proved to be true for Hamed who shortly got an offer to join a band called “Senik” in Australia.  This proved to be a stepping stone for him because through this opportunity he got to learn what he could not have gained otherwise. After being associated with this band for a considerable period, he went with his plan to become a solo singer. He practised and practised. He sang in Farsi, and eventually started to compose lyrics too. In no time, he won the hearts of numerous Persian people. His current performances at various events, gigs, and venues have caught the attention of people Persian and Kurdish native people.

Australia, a foreign land, where any refugee would have a gazillion concerns attached to their future, Hamed’s belief in music is what really made all the difference for him. If you really aspire to achieve something with all your heart, then there’s really nothing that can hinder your way. Hamed did not let the language barrier, culture shock, and fear of moving to a foreign land get in his way. He believed that music would pave his way forward, and that’s exactly how things turned out for him.

Who would have thought that songs in Farsi would achieve him success and fame in Australia? So just have faith in your passion, and enjoy the process!





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