Ali Hasani

Entrepreneurship is the foundation of social and economic progress from the words of Ali Hasani:

Entrepreneurship is an important and influential phenomenon in the world, following its development, positive events occur in different parts of society.

 This process simply means starting a new business activity or developing an old business.

Entrepreneurs are powerful drivers through which the society experiences extraordinary economic and social changes.

 Attention and focus on creating new value makes societies witness good progress in the economic sector.

When the process of entrepreneurship or new value creation is valued,

Each person gets the opportunity to work on their own ideas and bring unique products and services to the market.

Along with the transformation of the market in the variety of products and the consequent increase in the living standards of the people, other positive events also occur in the society, among which we can mention the creation of positive and stimulating economic competition.

 The development of entrepreneurship also has special effects on the social conditions because the improvement of people’s living conditions undoubtedly affects the improvement of the social condition of the society.






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