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This passionate woman is an emerging actor, influencer, model, and businesswoman with her one-of-a-kind brand QCD Organics, organic skincare, and hair-care business.

Isn’t it amazing to know about all those people and professionals who never leave a stone unturned in giving it their all in everything they ever choose to take in their hands? Well, the world may have been a witness to the rise of too many such talented beings; however, there are a few who have still managed to create their unique niche, even in industries that have been known to be highly competitive and saturated. Many of such professionals and entrepreneurs have been paving their own path for growth and success and thus have been able to make it huge in their careers, just like Qwanisha Chantele Duberry, aka Rebellious Chantele, did as an actor, influencer, model, and businesswoman.

It won’t be wrong to say that Rebellious Chantele is not a Rebel without a Cause, as she has been creating a conscious brand that is all about offering organic and clean products in the skincare and hair-care niches under her one-of-a-kind business named QCD Organics ( This incredible woman has made a prominent impact on her and thousands out there with her powerful content as an influencer on social media platforms. As an actor, she is looking forward to many Television premiers and even new music, and as an influencer, she never misses a chance to put out her thoughts through her content, taking pride in standing up for what she believes in, in society and standing up for people like herself who struggle with mental health, depression, and anxiety, which makes her a Rebel with a Cause.

The Atlanta-based CEO of QCD Organics has been flourishing her business by offering handmade vegan/organic skincare and hair-care products, teaching the Atlanta community the herbal science of natural care for the body, mind, and soul. Rebellious Chantele also owns her clothing line and now is looking forward to opening an herbal salon for hair-care and skincare and more.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @rebellious_chantele.

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