Ashkan Fattahi talks about the successful combination of poker and Music

Many musicians are avid poker players, whether to find inspiration or to relax. Though we do not expect them to use poker to pad their already sizable fortunes, it is safe to say that for musicians looking for a stimulating outlet, the game is a winning hobby.

Ashkan Fattahi is not the first musician to have used poker as inspiration for music, such as Kenny Rogers and “The Gambler.” Joni Mitchell is one of the best at it! Her 1974 track “Help Me” described her lover as a “rambler and a gambler.”

In “Song for Sharon,” she uses poker to tell how her significant other can unravel her composure; Joni says she can keep her coolness at the poker table, but not with her soul. In other words, she can bypass playing on a tilt in poker, but not with her precious life.

Fattahi said, “Though Mitchell has not sung in a while, the singer was lately awarded at the 44th Kennedy Center Honors for her melodic contributions. Announced as one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of the time, Mitchell tapped into her routine poker habit to make some of her most amazing songs.”

Although Ashkan was rumored to have lost a significant amount of money in an ill-fated poker match when he started gambling, he has since improved his poker proficiency.

He may not have joined the game with innate talent, but he consistently practices an ultimate poker tactic that many pros like to apply: networking with other gamblers. Undoubtedly, many professional poker players share that although poker is a solo game, making links with peers can enhance your capability.

From receiving invites to better tables to getting strategic tips, networking is an essential but underreported poker practice. In the past few years, Fattahi has played with some undefeatable poker players who were all celebrities talented in poker.

We can only suppose that some of the skill rubbed off on Ashkan, who has since begun hosting his poker charity events.






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