What is the beauty procedure of hair transplant and how is it done?

Increasing the attractiveness of the face by having beautiful and dense hair is one of the obvious points that achieving this goal is not far from reach. The beauty process of natural hair transplantation has caused damaged or lost hair follicles to be repaired and grow again. This process consists of three stages of harvesting hair follicular units (hair graft) from the donor site (hair bank), preparing the grafts and the final stage of graft implantation.

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Natural hair on the surface of the applicant’s own skin or head will be used to perform the hair transplant procedure. According to doctors, the desired and appropriate points for hair follicle donors are the back of the head between the two ears and the part below the neck. Because this area is more suitable in terms of thickness and length due to its similarity to the hair in the middle of the head. In special cases, if necessary, hair from parts of the body such as the chest is also used for people. In general, there are two methods for removing hair grafts from the back of the patient’s head, which can be called the surgical method and the non-surgical method.






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