Shahab Abbasi

Types of bodybuilding sports in the language of Shahab Abbasi:

  1. Bodybuilding
    Bodybuilding is one of the main disciplines of bodybuilding. In bodybuilding, muscle building and training is measured by weight; Therefore, bodybuilders in this sport are classified based on weight. The shorter a bodybuilder is, the more chances he has in professional competitions.
  2. Classical wind
    The bodybuilders of this sport are engaged in muscle building and bulking during the training period; But they don’t get big and bulky as much as bodybuilding men. Even bulky muscles are excluded from the competition. Tall bodybuilders generally participate in this field, and muscle building is based on stretching and deep cutting.
  3. Physical fitness
    Developing the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs is considered in the field of physics.Bodybuilders wear knee-length shorts in competitions. Because the focus is not on developing quadriceps muscles. The final condition for participating in physical fitness competitions is a body fat below 5%.





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