Jasper Ly’s underdog story in the cannabis space inspires budding talents in the entrepreneurial world – All News Buzz


The well-recognized entrepreneur owns Spiritleaf Scarborough, an independent franchised store that is locally owned and locally staffed.

Today, even entering a desired industry can prove to be a demanding task, let alone making it huge in the same. Still, there have been a few individuals and professionals who have not just entered but also taken over their desired industries and made their name prominent as true-blue success stories. People today need to learn more about such self-made professionals who started off with nothing and built their brands from the ground up to eventually reach an influential position in their chosen sector, just like Jasper Ly did in the cannabis industry in Canada. He chose to build a robust career of his in the sector and decided to independently own a franchised store as Spiritleaf Scarborough.

Struggling to survive at the start, he knew his journey would not be an easy ride, especially as a millennial entrepreneur. He also knew how tough it could get for him to enter a field that already overflowed with emerging as well as established brands and businesses, but he believed in the vision of the brand Spiritleaf, which led him to open his own store and locally staff them catering specifically to its community. Today, Spiritleaf Scarborough is among the top 5 stores in the city. Also, the store is just down the street from the home of the Scarborough Shooting Stars basketball team featuring J Cole.

Jasper Ly as, a millennial entrepreneur, speaks about the many challenges he faced in his journey, saying a huge challenge he faced at the very start of the business was navigating through regulation, securing licenses and location, and jumping through hoops to remain compliant on all levels of operating a recreational cannabis store. The fact that they opened at the peak of Covid added to the challenge. After two years in the industry, they noticed how the market had become extremely saturated. They have overcome this by staying flexible. Also, employing passionate people on the team has helped the store keep afloat. For regulations and licensing processes, they partnered with experienced professionals.

Having the maximum focus on their community, they overcame several challenges on their path. For building the brand (@spiritleafs) to greater success levels, Jasper Ly highlights how they over-delivered on in-store customer experience and made strategic investments, ultimately creating a genuine connection with their customers.


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