Playing in front of huge crowds at Schwörmontag, the biggest festival in Ulm, Germany, Habib Coulibaly, aka Habiibii, comes a long way


It was a dream of his growing up in Ulm to play at this festival, and now he can’t wait to take over many such significant festivals around the world.

It may only seem like a dream until people actually go ahead and achieve them, even amidst the most demanding situations or being surrounded by several hurdles or challenges. For people to get nearer their dreams, they need to take conscious steps ahead and take greater risks to create a smooth journey for them and become top names in their fields. Doing that in the world of music is one such young talented being from Cologne, Germany named Habib Coulibaly, aka Habiibii, who not just is a personal brand in himself, but also performs as a duo with his brother with a stage name Habama Brothers. 

In music, Habiibii has always taken great risks in challenging himself and getting the best out of himself as an electronic music DJ, producer, and musician. He is undoubtedly created a rage with his music pieces across Germany, performing in different cities in the greatest of clubs. Playing instruments like a small guitar, drums, and Djembe, he has shown others how a passion for something can lead people to surrender themselves to their art.

Growing up in Ulm and now a resident of Cologne, Germany, Habiibii saw a dream as a kid to perform at Schwörmontag, considered to be the biggest festival in Ulm. After becoming the rising DJ and producer he is today, he got the opportunity to play in front of 20,000 people, and this, he says, proved to be one-of-a-kind and the most mesmerizing experience of his in music. Besides this, Habiibii has also played in Ibiza at Lio and Ibiza Global Radio, where he and his brother played as Habama Brothers.

He says that whether a passionate artist performs in huge crowds or even at private events with limited guests, the whole experience of playing gives the same excitement to an artist anywhere. Playing incredible tracks and seeing people grooving and going crazy on them is a feeling no artist can ever explain in the world. Habiibii (@iamhabiibii) says he is addicted to that feeling and hence wants to keep doing that all his life.

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