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The cosplayer, model, content creator/influencer, and digital marketer help brands and businesses reach the next level of growth and success.

It is so astonishing to see how a few individuals and professionals went all-in in order to pack a punch in their respective industries, innovate, invent and work around newer and creative ideas and visions to turn them into a beautiful reality. Interestingly, most of these individuals who are young talented beings have worked around original ideas rather than just following the crowd blindly. They have done this to create their own unique niche and serve as an example to other aspiring, talented beings across industries of the world. Serving as one of the best examples of one such incredible young talent is Wilsonstillrunning, who loves travelling across the world, but considers Croatia as his second home.

He is a growing cosplayer, model, content creator/influencer, CEO in the gaming industry, and also a digital marketer who works towards offering more presence, exposure, and reach to brands and businesses. Through digital marketing, he wants to push the envelope in the sector and invent many exciting and promising new digital strategies that can lead his clients to outstanding growth and success rates.

He has remained a well-known investor in the tech space, where he was involved with games like FaZe Clan, Club House, and Thriller. He confesses how since his growing-up years, everything that related to video games, comics, and tech has always attracted his attention the most. This later made him realize how passionate he felt for the tech space, which ignited the fire within him to listen to his dreams and act accordingly, putting in enough effort and hard work.

Today, as the CEO and entrepreneur in the gaming industry, he makes his favourite characters and brings them to life in Web3 and video games, climbing much further in the tech and gaming niches. As an investor, he has so far helped many tech start-ups and, to support small business ventures, has also turned into an angel investor for all the right reasons.

To reach out to Wilsonstillrunning, follow him on Instagram @wilsonstillrunning.

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