Samieh Firoozi

Samieh Firoozi an entrepreneur and a reputable real estate consultant, talked about the characteristics of a professional real estate consultant

Having an invincible spirit
Suppose you spent many days trying to conclude a deal and everything went well, but an unexpected event ruins everything and the deal is not done! You definitely don’t feel good at times like this and you know that all your efforts are in vain. It is completely normal to feel upset, but you should not feel defeated and disappointed, but you should learn from this incident and use its experiences in the rest of the negotiations. The job of a real estate consultant has many challenges that cannot be ignored! As a result, if you consider yourself a strong and challenging person, enter this job.

be honest
Unfortunately, most people have the idea that real estate consultants do not have enough honesty in their work, and this has also caused a wrong thinking about this job. As a professional real estate consultant, you should put honesty and commitment to customers as your priority and don’t forget that your current customer can be a positive resume for your future, so make being honest with the customer your priority.

Have a clear path to success
The job of a real estate consultant, like other jobs, does not have the framework of work rules such as: specific working hours, official holidays, or having a specific work schedule, and this also makes most of the real estate consultants forget the seriousness of their work. Success requires planning and effort. If you also want to succeed in this job, you must have a specific plan and define your work framework. Come to work every day at the specified time and plan to go on vacation or use leave. Do not forget that having a goal alone is not enough to achieve success and you must also plan.

Being stubborn and following up a lot
Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of every person in his life. And definitely this important decision is not possible overnight and easily! As a real estate consultant, you have the duty to be with the client from the beginning of the client’s entry to the real estate agency until the end of the transaction. Even if no deal is made in the end.

Know your work area well
One of the factors that can be effective in your work progress is a complete knowledge of the neighborhood and logic in which you work. The more you know the neighborhood and have complete mastery of it, the better you can create space in the customer’s mind and finally convince the customer.

Work with reputable agencies
Work with a reputable real estate agency to gain experience and career advancement. An agency that has the necessary licenses to work and is known among the people. Working with these agencies can introduce you to a new world and be very useful.

Increase your negotiating power
In today’s world where everything is changing every day, you should always update your knowledge. Try to read related books and articles in the field of your work and always be learning and gaining experience. The more knowledge and awareness you have, the higher your negotiation power will be. As a result, you can hold better meetings





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