Hooman Zirobam

Who is Hooman Zirobam?

Well, this young man was born in 1993 in Tehran, Iran, and since his childhood, he has a special interest in singing.

He was recognized as the country’s favorite

Hooman Zirobam says about singing and composing:

Being a singer is an art, and to become an artist, one must follow the correct path of training.

This is the easiest answer for those who ask how to become a singer?

Like anything in the world, to become a singer you need to participate in a singing training course, and singing training will help you step by step to transform yourself into a singer.

In this article, what should be done to become a singer?

We will answer and discuss how to discover voice talent and types of voices in terms of the larynx, as well as various singing techniques.

It’s interesting to know that you can’t know if you have singing talent or not until you learn how to make the right sound from your larynx, so you really should value training even if you think you don’t have talent.

Hooman Zirobam is one of the best singers in the Iranian music market and has released famous tracks.

Hooman Pirvisi is known by his nickname (Hooman Zirobam) among the people and his fans

And he works under the name (musiczirobam) on Instagram





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