The Iranian Cheetah Was Victorious

According to the report that has just reached us, Pirouz the Iranian cheetah went to the operating room for peritoneal dialysis yesterday evening due to adverse kidney conditions, but he could not bear it and died.

“Pirouz” was born along with two other wolverine cubs on May 11 by cesarean section from a female wolverine in the captivity of Turan National Park and is the only survivor among his brothers. After getting this cheetah cub back from Turan, his place of residence was changed to Pardisan Park in Tehran. It was on Thursday night (March 4th) that Pirouz’s digestive system had a problem and specialists had to transfer him to the Central Veterinary Hospital. The necessary examinations were done and he returned to his home in a better condition, but on Saturday (March 6) he was taken to the hospital again due to his unfavorable condition.

According to the Director General of the Office of Wildlife Protection and Management of the Environmental Organization, Pirouz had digestive problems and kidney failure from the beginning of his birth, but he tolerated them. Yesterday, his physical condition worsened and caused his death.





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