A bright future waiting for multinational music in Qatar

Qatar’s diverse and vibrant music scene is more and more recognized by the world every day, while studios with highly advanced equipment are set up in Doha and many domestic and foreign artists work.

One of the companies that boom in the World Cup is Ketara Studios. In addition to producing music, this huge collection can also produce television and cinematic products at the same time. It should be noted that Qatar’s World Cup single was also made in the same series.

“It was good for me because I wanted to get acquainted with Middle East music, and especially with the Persian Gulf music, I learn things and I can make some advice on this.” says Matt Haw, a professional music regulator who has a warm prize in the industry for five decades.

Mazen Murad , director of the studios said :”It was a very interesting and honorable work for me to put together different people who all loved their job, Western and percussionists are both fascinated by each other. “

he said also added :”Every day more musicians, singers and composers come to us because with the amenities they can direct their profession and record music. If not, they would have to go to Europe to record their works. “

Aisha, a Qatar World Cup singer with the song “Shine Better”, said: “I believe the most important element of Qatar is its composer. The percussion instruments in the background are quite Qatar. For example, seeing the veil in the World Cup was not common and it was very unique. “

Many people of Qatar’s different nationalities consider their home, and it is no longer a wonder that Doha’s music scene has a great variety. Some internationally talented artists also work in Doha, including an Irish singer-songwriter and a Sudanese producer and singer.

Qatar’s music scene is at the beginning. But with the World Cup, it has made the opportunities of musicians more.






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