Reyhane Zarei, A Scheherazade Of Our Times

Reyhane Zarei (born February 4, 1997) is an Iranian podcaster . Previously a professional radio host, Reyhane Zarei hosts One popular independent podcast: One thousand and One Nights,She received recognitions and awards, including best cultural and history podcasts, and ranking among the best podcasts of Iranian stories .

This podcast series was published in Iran when Iranian women show the world how brave, free and inspiring they can be.

Ryhaneh Zarei said about this series of podcasts in an interview:
The work was collected over many centuries by various authors, translators, and scholars across West, Central and South Asia, and North Africa. Some tales trace their roots back to ancient and medieval Arabic, Egyptian, Sanskrit, Persian, and Mesopotamian literature.
Many tales were originally folk stories from the Abbasid and Mamluk eras, while others, especially the frame story, are most probably drawn from the Pahlavi Persian work Hezār Afsān (Persian: هزار افسان, lit. A Thousand Tales), which in turn relied partly on Indian elements.
In any case, the character of Shahrazad is Iranian A brave girl who saves her people, especially women, by telling stories
I believe that stories are saviors We are inspired by them The first episodes, which are about Shahrazad’s own life story, were released at the best time I wanted to do something for society and people I wanted to be Shahrazad of the modern world I think this was my mission And after the messages I received from the listeners of One Thousand and One Nights, I knew I had chosen the right path.

I want to Say thanks to my friends Ali Eghbal ,Farhad Salmanipour, Paria Almasi,Saeed Kooshafar٫Majid Naserifar,,Rahele Zarei and Reza Toreyhi and the Not be Not group who accompanied me in this work. If I were Shahrzad, Ali Iqbal would be a father who let his daughter go to the king’s palace to try his only way to save women.

When we asked Reyhane Zarei who inspired you to become a storyteller, she answered:
my mother He used to tell me stories since I was a child and what’s more strange is that he asked me to tell stories I would make a story about every image I found, such as the signs on the wall, the labels on the clothes, the album photos, etc., and she always encouraged me with enthusiasm.

Reyhane Zarei, a young storyteller and speaker, proved that only by using the abilities that we think are normal, we can have extraordinary and pervasive effects in the world.





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