What Is The Power Of Football Today, According To Masoud Farzi

Farzi, who is also a member of the Sports Commission of the National Youth Assembly, wrote in a note: “Football cannot be removed from the modern world with any force.” But in order to prove the inherent belonging of football to the modern world, one must reflect on the dignity, role, place and effect of football in this world. Football has not only penetrated the capital market, but it has entered and mixed with people’s homes and lives, in the language and understanding, to the extent that it can be said that in our world, among the modern affairs, something as widespread as football has spread all over the world. It has made its way into people’s lives. It may be said that football in our time is first of all a job. Secondly, it has a certain schedule and time, and finally, the players are required to practice and play at certain times, and they also get big wages. The results of the games are also known to some extent. Football teams, both national and club teams, have a place in the world rankings, and the championship of European and Latin American clubs and the World Cup have been awarded to several well-known clubs since the beginning. It is as if football has accepted the order of the market and the world of capital. However, football does not serve this system at all because its spectators are still mostly game spectators. I am not saying that they are free from the game of time and like the spectators of the Greek Olympiads, they go to the Olympics just to watch, but anyway, they are focused on playing on the football field and do not pay much attention to the game of time.

Still, the principle is that in sports, athletes must be loyal to the customs and rules of the game and play correctly and with mastery and skill. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is. Can this be true for professional sports as well? As mentioned before, one of the characteristics of the game is the absence of the actors and the audience from the profit and loss. So there is a contradiction in the concept of professional game. Professional gaming is not really a game. Profession is not a game, but let’s not be so simple to interpret the world and the work of the world with famous demarcations between common concepts and contrasts. In the world of multiplicity of simplicity and simple beings, it is impossible to brew, and wherever there is no simplicity, the components of the composition are not necessarily doubtful or contrasting and opposite. Unless we accept the sum of opposites and opposites, I am not talking about the sum of opposites here and I have nothing to do with what Hegel and Marx said. In the world of multiplicity, different and different things work together and side by side. Haven’t you seen that one day babies look like their mother and the next day they look more like their father? They are both similar to their mother and similar to their father, but when their faces are fixed, in fact, a similarity has prevailed. In the same analogy, in creatures, in human existence, and even in history, the different and the different come together and create a temporal and temporary unity. The prevailing situation in the modern world and especially in the current era is that everything should be used for consumption, even the game is not excluded even though it is not consumable in itself. In this situation, the game can be professional and this is not the only contradiction in the current world, this world is full of contradictions, conflicts and differences.


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