The victory of the Russian national football team against Iraq

After drawing against Iran, the Russian national football team won against Iraq in a preparatory match.

The Russian national football team, which had a 1-1 draw against Iran last week, played host to Iraq at Gazprom Stadium last week and won with two goals.

“Miranchuk” and “Pianev” were the two scorers of Russia in this game, so that “Valery Karpin”, the head coach of the Russians, was somewhat relieved of the pressure of criticism. These criticisms were raised especially after Russia’s poor performance in the meeting with Iran.

After the match against Iraq, “Dyokov”, the head of the Russian Football Federation, named China as Russia’s possible next opponent. Dikovov said: We have talked about the possibility of playing with China, but as you know, China is not holding any matches at the moment. Maybe we will play with them this year or next year.

After the country’s military attack on Ukraine, the Russian national team was banned from participating in international competitions by the European Football Union and the World Football Federation and even missed the 2022 World Cup in Russia.

Playing with the teams of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Iraq is considered as a sign of Russia’s desire to leave European football and continue working in Asian football.


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