Providing satellite internet on mobile phones

2023 was called the year of providing satellite internet on mobile phones. This is not a claim or even a prediction. Based on the data available in the cyberspace and the efforts of at least 10 large international companies in this field, it has created the hope that in the not too distant future, we will see the provision of internet on mobile phones. Important companies The world that seeks to provide satellite internet on smartphones includes the following:

1.SpaceX Corporation

Last year, after completing the Starlink satellites in space, SpaceX tried to provide satellite internet service through the KU band on the iPhone. According to the managers of that company, this project has been successful, and Apple plans to remove the SIM card to provide a basis for smartphones to receive satellite internet without the need for a SIM card. company

By sending its satellites into space, this company plans to provide its satellite internet to billions of people living on the planet. This year, Amazon has activated its satellite internet service and will complete the related project by 2026. will do. For this purpose, this company has established a satellite manufacturing center in Seattle, USA; that daily up to four satellites are produced there. A team of more than 1000 engineers, programmers and support staff are working in that center. Finally, by 2026, Amazon will deploy about 3,236 of its own satellites in a constellation in space. company

Google is also working with SpaceX to launch laser satellite internet. This is a very modern technology and a full report of its dimensions and results has not yet been published. But considering the strength, technical-engineering ability, capital, knowledge and support that the American government provides to this company, it is not unlikely that Google’s satellite internet service, like other strange services of this company, will make a big revolution in this set the stage. company

Samsung company is designing a model of modem to receive internet from satellite, which has the ability to connect with satellite anywhere in the world; It will be available through various devices, including netbooks, tablets, smartphones, etc. According to Samsung officials, the initial internet speed provided through these modems will be 20 megabytes per second, which will be gradually increased. The company was supposed to equip its Galaxy S23 phones with equipment to receive internet from satellite, but at the last moment it made a different decision in order to produce a modem that Samsung phones of any model can communicate with satellite. Samsung’s goal of This is the possibility of receiving satellite internet in different parts of the world, especially in places that do not have telephones or have weak local telecommunication lines.

5.AVZON company

This large European company, although it has its own satellites, provides its broadband services by renting capacity from other operators. A wide range of regional and international organizations and institutions are now using the services of AVZON.

A significant number of other companies are active in the field of providing other satellite internet services, including television, imaging, geology, meteorology, aviation, ship tracking and satellite information analysis, among which comprehensive information And it is not accurate.


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