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DJ Alvin Activities:

Soheil Naderi, nicknamed Soheil Naderi DJ Alvin is an Iranian DJ operating in Turkey. Alvin has a contract with an event company called Gold Event and collaborates with Gold Event.

It is noteworthy that there is an interesting event in his performance. The capacity of Gold Event Hall is one thousand people, but for the performance of DJ Alvin, more than one thousand five hundred people sat down to watch his performance.

(Soheil Naderi) DJ Alvin has recently released a lot of music from himself and has attracted a lot of fans.

Considering that he is considered a foreign DJ, he has a lot of Turkish fans in Turkey and all his parties are filled and tickets are sold out a few days ago, Soheil Naderi says that the average is 2.4 per week per program. Performs and thanks his fans for attending the parties.

DJ Alvin Website:

DJ Alvin’s music:

Eame musicha

1 – soheil naderi dj alvin – on the metaverse

2 – soheil naderi dj alvin & babak rahnama – the best thing

3 – squid game pink soldiers (soheil naderi dj alvin Remix)

4 – Soheil naderi dj alvin – Peace

Remix 👇

babak rahnama – eshghe tou soheil naderi dj alvin remix

babak rahnama – zendegi ba to behtare – soheil naderi dj alvin remix


Nader – Feryad (soheil naderi dj alvin Remix)
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