Queiroz announced that he will bring Qatar to the level of big teams

Carlos Queiroz, the head coach of the Qatar national team, who was present at the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles yesterday, appeared in front of the camera of Bain Sports and talked about his goals with the Qatar national team.

In the opening part of his speech, Keyrosh said: I am happy for this new stage of my sports life and coaching with the Qatar national team. I hope that luck will help me to implement what I am capable of and what I have learned in sports in the national team of Qatar.

He continued: My first goal is to meet the world’s great teams in all the competitions, technically, to reach their level and show the Qatari football as it deserves, and for the dignity of football and the country of Qatar, which hosts the cup. It was universal, let’s defend.

He said: In my opinion, we saw the best version of the World Cup in history in Qatar. Hosting this country in the World Cup was very good and wonderful, and now we have to prepare ourselves for the CONCACAF tournament where we have to play with the Mexican national team.

The head coach of the Qatar national team further said: In our group, Mexico is the most important and biggest team and is considered one of the best football teams in the world, and we should play with this team.

He continued: I was very surprised today, because I am in the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles. The stadium that will definitely be full of fans of the rival team on the day of our match against Mexico. Friendly and good Mexican soccer fans.

At the end, Kierosh noted: Be sure that we will be a team in that game that will show everything we can and everything we have in order to get a good result against the enthusiastic Mexican fans.


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