Xiaomi’s reaction to Ukraine’s strange claim

Ukraine on Thursday registered Xiaomi as an international sponsor of war, citing the Chinese company’s continued activities in Russia. Now Xiaomi has released an official statement saying that its products are not used for war and have commercial and civilian uses.

In its statement, Xiaomi said that users around the world have the right to access communication tools and information based on the Internet. The Chinese tech giant has responded by stating that it rejects any claim of supporting war and does not support any war action: “We fully adhere to and accept world peace. “Our mission is to allow everyone in the world to enjoy a better life through innovative technologies.”

From Ukraine’s point of view, with the withdrawal of Western companies from the Russian market due to the start of the war, Xiaomi has been able to increase its share in this country. In fact, Ukraine says that Xiaomi has used this opportunity to increase its sales. But it should be noted that this increase in sales also means paying more taxes to the Kremlin.

The higher the sales of Xiaomi, the more taxes the company has to pay to the Russian government. Ukraine claims that Russia uses these taxes to increase its power in the war. Ukraine also points to the fact that Xiaomi is currently recruiting for its offices in Russia, indicating that it is either returning to normal or expanding its operations in Russia.

By adding Xiaomi to the list of war-sponsoring companies, Ukraine hopes to make it harder for countries and other companies to work with the Chinese company. Since Xiaomi has released a statement to defend itself in a quick reaction, we have to wait and see if this action of Ukraine has any results.






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