Russia’s refusal to participate in CAFFA tournaments

The honorary president of the Russian Football Union confirmed the news of the refusal of the national team to participate in the CAFFA tournament.

In a situation where the football federation announced yesterday by publishing an official statement that the Iranian national football team will participate in the Central Asian football competitions in the last decade of June, Vyaches Koloskov, the honorary president of the Russian Football Federation, told TASS news agency that he was not happy with the decision of the federation in Non-participation in these competitions is supported.

Yesterday, the general secretary of the RFU told our reporter that the Russian national team will not participate in this competition. Koloskov said about this: “I believe that it is a realistic and correct decision because our goals are not met by participating in these competitions. Our national team is not currently involved in an important competition and there is no point in the players gathering in the national team after a busy season. This decision is correct because participating in these competitions may result in high costs for us.

Previously, the Russian Football Federation had announced that due to the hosting conditions, it would have to be a little more careful to participate in these competitions, and finally, the decision was made not to participate in the Russian national football team, Iran’s most prominent rival in these competitions.

With this description, Iran’s national football team will go to this competition with its stars in a situation where there are no strong opponents and the highest level of Iran’s rivals will be the Uzbeks. However, no move has been made to see the facilities of the host country and it is not clear in what conditions the national players will appear in the national team camp after their long football season.

The Russian Football Federation has planned the Super League competition of this country on that date and this is one of the reasons for canceling this competition.

Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are participating in these competitions and there is a possibility that the Oman national team will also participate in this tournament.

Kafa competitions are held in two groups of three teams and the winners of each group will reach the finals, which means three matches in the eight-day period of these competitions.


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