Jamos Parsa

Iranian musician Jamos Parsa: Music is one of the artistic phenomena of human societies

Iranian musician, singer and arranger Jamos Parsa said:

Music has had a great impact on human life since ancient times, and its tools and instruments have appeared in different forms in every era.
Some researchers, regardless of the place of music in the ancient societies of Iran, have put forward contradictory opinions regarding the background of musical instruments.
By referring to the documents obtained from archaeological excavations, relief motifs and stone inscriptions, it shows the long-standing relationship between the art of music and the societies and cultures of ancient Iran.
The art of music in the historical period (Elamites, Medes, Achaemenians, Parthians and Sasanians) has various evidences and findings that by studying and analyzing their trends, one can understand the importance and role of this art in ancient societies.
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