Methods of becoming an influencer according to Mohammad Al-Zaidan

In fact, influencers are popular and well-known people in virtual networks who attract many people and usually have many followers. Companies and brands that intend to advertise in virtual networks go to these people and order their product or service advertisement by paying a specific tariff.

Contrary to popular belief, getting into this business is not as simple as taking a few photos and videos and posting them on social media. Entering the field of influencing requires knowing strategies and gathering enough information in this field. Below are some of the most important things you need to know to get started.

Here, Mr. Al-Zeedan, a well-known expert and producer of content in the virtual space, says: “Once you have decided what content to produce for your audience, look for creative ideas to be different. Avoid repetitive work or imitating other influencers. Quit it. Copying and repeating other people’s work makes you look unprofessional. Copying may look good at first, but after a while you won’t be attractive to your audience. So be bold and do something different.

Tourists and photographers are among the influencers who attract the attention of the audience by means of adventure and recording exciting moments. Their followers are looking for more than weekend vacation photos. By following these influencers, they are looking for interesting places and content. If you are also interested in these types of activities, you can start your work today.

In virtual networks, we have observed that all kinds of training in different fields such as: English language, hairdressing, cooking, car repair, etc. have been made available for free. Producing educational posts and publishing them on social networks is one of the most common ways to become an influencer. You can also take up this profession by training your skills in any field.”


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