Professional boxing tips from Ata Alizadeh

Ata Alizadeh, the former boxer of the Iranian national team, in his career, has created many championships for himself and his country, such as the championship of the national team, the medal of the boxing champion of Tehran, the champion of Lorestan, etc. So far, he has defeated many people such as Mehdi Toloui, Mahmoud Maleki, Nasser Azadi, etc.

Ata Alizadeh said: “Becoming a professional fighter in boxing and other martial arts requires that you learn defensive techniques in addition to offensive techniques. If you do not perform well in defensive techniques, You will also lose to an amateur opponent. If you don’t know the defensive techniques, the opponent will hit any part of the body he wants, but if you are able to defend yourself, it will be difficult for him. Instinctively, everyone People like to be strong. But strength alone is not enough to be successful in kickboxing. Knocking out an opponent may be very attractive and get the audience cheering and making noise, but at this time you are neglecting technique. That’s why we suggest that you complement technique and strength.”






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