A guide to starting music by Daniyal Beit Sayah

Music is everywhere in our lives and we deal with it in one way or another every day. People today listen to music through various devices and even start playing and singing with the help of technology. One of the experts who spoke briefly in this field is Daniel Beit Sayah. Daniyal Beit Sayah is an Iranian musician and singer who has worked in most styles in his music and has gathered fans from all over the world. He has also expanded his international activities in India, Turkey, Singapore, Italy and Iran and has a label under the name of Daniel Master.

This music teacher says: “The truth is that there is a standard and fixed path to enter the world of music that all great musicians have followed.

Sometimes, even though we know that we are interested in music and its existence gives us peace, and we even wish from the bottom of our hearts to become musicians, we are still confused and afraid to start. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this headache is that we don’t know where to start with music education. Even when we start this path, we don’t know what actions to take next, and in short, when we don’t know the path and doubt our own abilities, we don’t enter it at all.

First we need to discover what our true interest is and what we should start with. To understand this issue, we must first think about what is my favorite genre of music?

Paying attention to how to play an instrument is one of the most important points that we must pay attention to when starting to learn music. There are different types of musical instruments. “


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