The doctors of several European countries emphasized in a letter to the health ministers about the severe shortage of children’s medicine

In an open letter to health ministers, doctors from several European countries, including Germany and France, warned of the dangers of severe shortages of children’s medicines across Europe.

According to the German “NTV” report, the doctors of several European countries warned in an open letter to the ministries of health of their countries about the lack of children’s medicine in Europe and requested that it should be ensured that there is enough medicine for children and teenagers; Otherwise, there will be a risk of starting new bottlenecks from autumn.

The professional association of pediatricians in Germany has also warned against the growing shortage of medicine for children. Thomas Fischbach, the head of the association, said in an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper: “We are already moving away from the guidelines and next fall is close. We will face supply shortages again, which could be worse than before. He added: There is a shortage of antipyretics and painkillers in medicinal forms suitable for children. Currently there is no penicillin either.

Fischbach is one of the signatories of the open letter of pediatricians in Germany, France, South Tyrol, Austria and Switzerland to the health ministers of the countries. The petitioners wrote in a letter to German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach: “The health of our children and young people across Europe is at risk due to the lack of medicine.” A fast, reliable and permanent solution is urgently needed.

This letter states: Just a few years ago, this scenario of lack of supply in our countries was unimaginable even from my time. We hold politicians responsible for ensuring adequate production and stockpiling of pediatric primary care medicines in Europe. Fischbach also called for promoting the production of medicine for children in Germany. He emphasized that there should be enough attraction for manufacturers to produce medicine and politicians should ensure that these conditions are formed.

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that there is a shortage of antibiotic syrups for children.

Thomas Fischbach, head of the professional association of pediatricians, also warned of a severe shortage of medicines for children in the coming autumn and winter.


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