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Entertainment involves captivating audiences and viewers by offering interesting content on various platforms. People derive joy from multiple sources like reading, engaging in sports or leisure activities, listening to music, and watching television shows or movies. Entertainment evolved over the centuries according to audiences’ interests and demands and shifted from physical viewership of sports, theatre, and shows to radio or television broadcasts and digital or internet streaming. The most prominent forms of entertainment include drama, music, dance, acting, storytelling, and other forms of media portrayal and shows to amuse viewers. Contemporary entertainment mainly revolves around television broadcasts and internet streaming because people prefer to watch their favorite programs related to news, sports, dramas, and music on television or computer screens. Entertaining people in the modern era is more challenging for producers, actors, directors, musicians, and other professionals due to the fierce competition in the media industry.

The print, radio, television, and digital media industries offer diverse entertainment activities to people due to their differing mediums and contexts. However, every media platform faces numerous challenges in attracting and retaining audiences’ attention due to the many available options. Radio, television, and digital platforms compete with each other to gain an audience. However, the channels on multiple platforms also face fierce competition to increase rankings and capture audiences’ attention. Attracting and retaining viewers’ attention requires creating compelling and interesting content that induces people to tune in to a particular channel while compelling them to keep watching without changing channels. Creating intriguing and compelling content that forces viewers to remain glued to their screens is difficult. It requires significant expertise and years of experience. Alexis Núñez Oliva is an experienced executive producer, media personality, and content creator with the expertise to develop unique content that generates high ratings for shows. Ratings play a primary role in portraying the popularity and audiences’ response to television shows. Higher ratings indicate that a show is popular among viewers.

Alexis Núñez Oliva was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1965. He completed his media degree from Instituto Superior de Arte de la Habana in 1990. Núñez Oliva started his media career by working in the print media and radio stations in the 1980s and continued contributing to Cuba’s radio, television, and print media platforms. He later moved to Mexico in 1990 and continued his media career by working in different radio, television, and print media positions. He developed numerous articles for newspapers and produced programs for radio and television to attract and retain audiences for multiple channels. His ability to create interesting content and produce intriguing shows compelled Jorge Eduardo Murguía, Vice President of Production of Televisa, to invite Núñez Oliva to renovate Channel 2 of El Canal de las Estrellas. He started working for the channel and developed Hoy as part of the renovation.

Hoy was also a popular show that broke rating records due to the interesting content and production value offered by Alexis Núñez Oliva. Núñez Oliva also developed several other popular programs after Hoy that continue to amuse and entertain audiences in the Spanish-speaking world. The most famous shows produced by Alexis Núñez Oliva include Sabadazo, Se Vale, Los 10 Primeros, La Oreja, Qué Tarde tan Padre, Contodo, Buenas Tardes, Vida TV, Marta Susana, Duro y Directo, and Fuera de la Ley. Most of Núñez Oliva’s productions received high ratings and continue to dominate the channels due to their popularity among the masses. Núñez Oliva also developed the Orgullosamente awards for acknowledging Latin music performers in 2004 and was also an executive producer for Ritmoson Latino.

Alexis Núñez Oliva is an executive producer who has been entertaining South American audiences since the 1980s by producing creative and compelling content for radio and television media. He created and produced some of the most popular shows for television that continue to entertain viewers throughout the Spanish-speaking world. He also started the 7 Emociones production and content development company in 2019 to create and produce television and multichannel content. 7 Emociones and Núñez Oliva played a significant role in keeping people entertained even during the depressing times of COVID-19. He created a show called La Cuarentena on a unique production model where writers, authors, actors, editors, directors, and producers worked from the confines of their homes to develop interesting content for audiences. Núñez Oliva’s policy behind establishing the 7 Emociones was to entertain people by developing and producing intriguing content and shows regardless of the circumstances or challenges.


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