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“If a male is born, he’ll become an engineer, and if it’s a girl, she can be a doctor,” is a frequently repeated proverb. Formerly, parents would only consider their child’s professional options after their birthday. While commonly shown in films, it also captures the realities of contemporary culture.

Until some people spoke up and defied this preconception to follow their dream careers, everyone had embraced the conventional standard that parents should choose a professional path for their children. Understanding the value of having a broad professional approach from your friends and others around you is contributing to the creative growth of our globe.

When kids started to choose their occupations, several new disciplines emerged. A deeper level of emotions has been revealed by allowing youngsters to pursue their passions and make a career doing what they like. Thanks to this trend, people have been able to follow their passions as side jobs while concurrently pursuing their professional professions. It has also become possible for many people to develop their careers in more than one profession.

According to a study, those who chose their occupations independently are perceived to be more content than those who follow the recommendations of some older adults in the family. We are not advocating against pursuing degrees in science or mathematics, but if you lack the motivation to do so, you should reconsider.  But if you don’t get the inspiration to do it and are still doing it because your dad has dreamt of you getting a degree, it will not help you stay content in the long run.

Let’s use an artist as an example who not only defied stereotypes by choosing the creative professional route but also established himself in this field by utilizing a variety of abilities. We are discussing award-winning creative artist Miquel Reina. With his job, Miquel has spent his formative years learning about many types of expression. Because he had the chance to study design at ELISAVA (Barcelona) and the University of Southampton (UK), as well as complete a master’s in cinematography at ESCAC, he was able to complete it (Barcelona).

Reina has experience in a variety of industries. While reading about him, we have a wide range of skill sets, mainly in the humanities and the fine arts of communication. Reina has 14 years of expertise as a creative artist in video games, advertising, and design. He has just begun to establish himself in the literary community as well.

Reina has demonstrated that he delivers to his audience one of the finest works, regardless of the field of the creative sector. He has always been grateful to well-known individuals in the creative business for all his efforts, from design to writing. We recently learned that Miquel’s first book, “Lights on the Sea,” has been optioned for a cinematic adaptation by the esteemed Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

Like Reina, other people should focus on their abilities to express their thoughts most beautifully. The first step may seem complicated, but eventually, in the long run, it makes your unique expertise come out to the table and make this world better and more creative.





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