The earthquake in Japan left 27 injured and one dead

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Ishikawa prefecture in central Japan has left at least 27 injured and one dead.

Kyodo news agency reported that almost all the casualties were from the village of “Suzu”, which was the most affected by this earthquake. One person was killed in this village, which was caused by being thrown from the ladder during the earthquake.

According to reports, the injuries of most of the injured are moderate, but two people were hospitalized due to the seriousness of the situation and several buildings were completely destroyed.

This earthquake occurred on the island of “Honshu” on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The Japan Seismological Organization first reported the magnitude of the earthquake as 6.3, but later said that its magnitude was 6.5. The epicenter of this earthquake was the “Noto” peninsula in Ishikawa state and at a depth of 12 km.





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